How to transferring funds to your local Bank?

If there is card payment from the website, the operation method will be as follows

1. Website to receive payment

2. Money and payment information sent through Stripe (World's Largest Payments Company)

3. Stripe will pay in a 7-day loop (you can change it in Stripe Setting)

4. Stripe will pay via YOUR CHOSEN account (all money will be converted according to the ratio occurring at checkout)

5. YOUR CHOSEN accounts are managed via Transferwise (Europe's largest money management system)

6. From Wise, you can send money to a your bank account in no time

To send money to your local bank that doesn't support Stripe

  1. Login to Wise,
  2. Select currency on the left, select "Convert" to convert to your currency
  3. After Convert, select your currency on the left, select "Send" to send to the desired bank

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