SAYU. Product

Use it in your project!

For Designer

SAYU. Stylescapes

Speed up your design process with high-quality, pre-made stylescape

Build with quality in mind
3 adjectives that define the style
Search by keywords
For Freelancer

Notion Project Management

The Notion Management flow that got us from 1k to 10k in revenue. We designed it to be as FLEXIBLE as it can be so that you can utilize them in ANY project.

Manage your proposal
Convenient bookmarks
Keep track of your todo list
Keep track of progress using the Progress Journal
Notion Project Management
For Developers

Setup 3D to your Webflow site with Three.js

Working with 3D can be complicated in Webflow so we developed a streamline approach to setup your Three.js scene with ease.

Just copy and paste
We use attributes
No need to worry about import modules
Add three.js to Webflow
For Business

Pre-made wiki for your clients

We have compiled over 30 most asked questions about Webflow and Design so you won't have to.

Clone this, use it for your own and start adding more questions specific to your business

Custom Wiki

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