Can you have multiple designers on the same project?

Can you have multiple designers on the same project?

Yes and no!

Webflow allows for multiple designers to collaborate on the same project. This can be done by inviting team members to the project and assigning them different roles.

To invite team members, click on the "Team" tab on the project dashboard and enter their email addresses. Once they accept the invitation, you can assign them roles such as "Designer" or "Editor".

Designers can create and edit designs, while editors can only make content changes. By assigning different roles, you can ensure that team members have access to the appropriate tools and features.

To collaborate effectively, it's important to establish clear communication and guidelines for the project. This can include setting deadlines, creating a style guide, and establishing a feedback process.

Overall, having multiple designers on the same project can enhance creativity and bring new perspectives. With Webflow's collaboration tools, it's easy to work together and create a successful project.

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