Accessing the Editor

You can access the Webflow Editor after publishing your site (either to the staging subdomain or a custom domain). It allows you to edit the content on your site directly on the page or manage pages and content through the Editor panel.

Access the Editor through Webflow’s interface

If you're in your Webflow dashboard or designing a site in the Designer, you can access the Editor in one of the following ways:

  • From the Site menu in the Dashboard

The left image shows the 3 disclosure dots on the site thumbnail. The right image shows the expanded menu, with the Editor option highlighted.

  • From the top toolbar in the Site settings

The Editor button in the top toolbar of Site settings.

  • From the menu in the Designer

Open the Menu button ("W" icon) at the upper left corner of the Designer and choose "Editor"

Access the Editor from the live site

Content editors can access the Editor for their website by adding /?edit to the end of their website URL in the browser address bar (e.g., Once they log in, they can access their website in Editor mode.

When they return to the site later, they may see the “Edit site” button in the lower right corner, which they can click to hop into Editor mode.

Let your content editors know that they will need to set their browser to accept cookies from all third parties to use the Editor — otherwise, they may see an error message when trying to log in to the Editor. Learn more about troubleshooting Editor login errors.

Editor requirements: supported browsers

Webflow officially supports the Editor on the latest version of Chrome or Safari’s evergreen release, plus 2 versions for varying update cycles. Webflow also unofficially supports the use of all modern browsers.

  • Degree of browser support depends upon features used (e.g., filter has partial support in Edge). More details can be found at:
  • CSS transforms 3d - Used by interactions
  • CSS transitions - Used by interactions
  • CSS flexbox - Used by style layout panel
  • CSS filters - Used by interactions
  • CSS grid - Will be used by style layout panel

On June 15, 2022, Microsoft officially ended support for Internet Explorer 11 (IE11). While sites published in Webflow use industry standard features supported in modern web browsers, some features unsupported by IE11 might function incorrectly on that browser. Learn more about IE11 support from Microsoft.

Webflow doesn’t support IE 9 or IE 10 in any situation. Learn more about this decision.

Good to know:

If you run into issues using Webflow on experimental browsers, please report your issue under the experimental browsers category on the Webflow Forum.


What's my Browser

Switch between Editor mode and Live site mode

When you open the Editor, you'll be able to explore the site in preview mode or "live site" mode. To switch to Edit mode, click the "Edit site" button at the lower right of the page.

Go "Back to live site" when you want to see the site in preview mode.

Troubleshooting Editor login errors

If you, your Workspace members, or your content editors see an error message when trying to log into the Editor, try one of the following fixes:

Note: If you have custom code on your site, the custom code may affect the Editor. This happens because the Editor renders over the published site. Try removing or disabling your custom code.

Multi-user collaboration

The Editor allows multiple team members and content editors to edit static and dynamic site content at the same time. If two people are editing the same content at the same time, the last edits "win," so you'll still want to coordinate editing times with your teammates and content editors. The Editor also provides a Site activity log so you can see who edited your site, and what edits they made, before publishing your site.

Similarly to the Editor, you can collaborate with team members in the Designer, if you want to edit your site’s design. Learn more about collaboration in the Webflow Designer.

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